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HEY SO i am planning on moving two provinces away very shortly, and since hours at work are nothing short of horrific, i need to find other ways of picking up some relocation money.

thus… commissions…

styles and poses vary, obviously, and so some prices may be negotiable based upon the complexity of the piece/number of characters/etc. pretty much everything i do is coloured; if you want something sketched/b&w, we can talk about the price. i can’t really do backgrounds or complex shading - sorry!

-any fandom
-original characters, provided i have good reference
-pretty much anything… or, at the very least, i’ll put in a good effort (no guarantees on nsfw haaa aa…). if i think i can’t comfortably complete your request, i will be sure to tell you.

-via paypal, please and thanks!

ALSO check my art tag for more examples!

please send me an ask/fanmail if you’re interested♥

sorry for reblogging this over here, but i really need some help financially. signal boosting is also appreciated!

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Favourite animated Tobuscus songs insp 
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Vidcon 2014 x / x

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Shaving to Sandstorm by Darude… [x]

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Emoji Toby (insp)

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Toby Turner at Vidcon 2014 [x]

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